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Congratulations on your senior year at Baker County High School!
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Booking Opens
May 01, 2024

Booking Opens May 01, 2024


Senior Year Is A Good Look On You

We’re CADY, your school’s exclusive photographer. We’re here to help you in this milestone moment, 12 years in the making.

Elevate Your Options With A CADY Studio Experience

Your senior portrait session is your time with us. All session types give you access to your school’s formal yearbook photo - with 3 types to choose from: Traditional, Most Popular, and Elite.

What’s ELITE All About?

A peak moment deserves an ultimate experience, complete with a private photographer, hair & makeup options, destination scenes, plus Premier Retouching. Don't just take our word for it. Take a look and hear from a former CADY senior for more.

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  • Private Photographer

    A private CADY photographer for the duration of your session.

  • Professional Hair & Makeup

    Professional Hair & Makeup with added touch-ups and spray between takes.

  • Elite Line Access

    With Elite, you won't wait for a thing! Take advantage of this VIP experience.

  • Go Anywhere Scene

    Choose any location within 45 minutes of your studio, either outdoors or indoors.

  • Premier Retouching

    Blemishes happen, but let us handle that. Enjoy our top-tier retouching on all images.

Custom CADY Scenes - To Highlight You

Fun fact: We don't do boring. EVER. Our studio scenes are a range of professional 3D sets designed with you in mind, plus a handful of outdoor options based on your area. Check out a few below!

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Studio Scene


Studio Scene


Elite Unlimited Outdoor Scene

Prime Time

Studio Scene


Studio & School Scene


Elite Outdoor Scene

Center Stage

Studio Scene


Studio Scene

Go Anywhere

Elite Unlimited Outdoor Scene


Elite Unlimited Outdoor Scene

Living Walls

Studio Scene


Studio Outdoor Scene


Studio Scene


Elite Outdoor Scene


Elite Unlimited Outdoor Scene

Where to Start: Book Your Session

Select Your School

Your school info is needed for placement into your yearbook.

Select Scenes

Select indoor or outdoor scenes (3D settings) that fit your vibe.


Choose a recommended photo session (Elite, Most Popular, or Traditional).


Select your preferred location, date, and time. The earlier you book the more options you have.


Make sure your choices are correct, reserve your spot, and save the date on your calendar!

We Have to Say It... Deadlines

Unfortunately, we don't make all of the rules. Each school has its own yearbook cut-off date so you’ll need to schedule your session in the summer before senior year to secure a spot in the yearbook, make time for retakes (if needed), and select your yearbook photo! Basically, the sooner you sign up, the more options you will have.

Book Early!

June - July

  • Have your picture in your yearbook
  • Choose your yearbook image
  • Greater studio availability
You're Not Late Yet!


  • Have your picture in your yearbook
  • Choose your yearbook image
  • Greater studio availability
You're Cutting It Close!

School Deadline

  • Have your picture in your yearbook
  • Choose your yearbook image
  • Greater studio availability

Ordering Images and Prints

All digital images and prints can be ordered separately after your photo session and are not included with your initial session fee.

Quick FAQs

Our minimum session fee includes a photo shoot for your yearbook photo, your cap and gown, and one additional casual indoor scene of your choice. Prints, packages, proof portfolios, and upgrades are available for purchase at an additional charge after your session.

To view session dates and to find out when we will be at your school, see our Session Calendar Here.

Elite Sessions
If you want to feel like you're a model in a fashion magazine, get your own private photographer, and have access to exclusive destination scenes, our Elite session will be the best choice for you. Skip the line and feel like VIP! 
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Most Popular Sessions
If you're looking for star quality treatment with in-studio options, check out our Most Popular session. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Traditional Sessions
We don’t do boring backdrops. Go from Center Stage to WonderLight and choose from a dozen different state-of-the-art, 3D studio designs. Our scenes have details you won’t find anywhere else, because we use actual set pieces like you would see in a professional theater production.
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Once you’ve booked your session, pick your favorite outfits & props that reflect your personality – show off what makes you unique. For your convenience, CADY has your school’s cap, gown, and stoles ready for you in-studio. We also provide your tux or drape for your Yearbook photo. Just don't forget to pack your undergarments. If you are wearing a drape, bring along a spaghetti strap/strapless tank top to wear underneath. If you are wearing a tux, bring along a white undershirt.

Need more inspiration? Check out our What to Bring page.

Most traditional sessions receive our keepsake leatherette portfolio, which holds 8 of your best senior portraits and your remaining proofs. Typically your portfolio arrives within 21 days of your session. Your portfolio is not included with your session fee and must be either returned or purchased before your deadline date. Instructions will be included with your portfolio on how to purchase or return.

Personal Presentation
All Elite and Most Popular Sessions receive a custom, in-person presentation with a personalized slide show that includes all your images. You will have a CADY Specialist dedicated to helping guide you through ordering your favorite poses.

Traditional sessions will receive a link to order online where you'll be able to view, select, and order our range of premium products to show off your portraits!

Elite and Most Popular sessions will have a private viewing Presentation at the studio where our CADY Specialist will help guide you through selecting your favorite poses and products.